Facebook is really good

This revelation won’t come as a big surprise to the digerati who keep up with these things or to the zillions of students who’ve been using Facebook since it started.  I feel compelled to note it here though because few in my crowd are using Facebook and most are genuinely curious about why I’ve been raving about it.  Like me, most of them tried mySpace and gagged, then logically and reasonably assumed that Facebook would be more of the same. 

Here’s what’s great about Facebook for grownups:

  • The interface is clean and (surprisingly) professional looking.  It isn’t adolescent so it isn’t an embarrassing experience for the over-30 crowd.
  •  It is so darn easy.  Somehow they manage to present you with the right request at the right time and do it concisely.
  • One thing leads to another.  I started out poking around for the purposes of “research” but before I knew it I had a halfway decent Facebook page.  It helped that my friend Stewart Alsop nudged me to join by sending me an invitation, so I had one friend immediately (and not one of those goofy marketing “friends”).
  • I pretty quickly built a group of half a dozen friends, even though most people I know aren’t on Facebook yet.
  • The viral implementation of the third-party applications makes trying them easy.   If you don’t like one, it is equally easy to ditch it.

If I were LinkedIn, I’d be scared.  I use LinkedIn and like it, but with some work Facebook could serve the purpose just as well.  The Facebook development platform will likely accelerate that day.


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