Ask not what your customers can do for you

From an on-line job posting for a Marketing VP:  

“Our client is a start-up that will transform the way we interact with the telephone by turning the phone into a proactive, adaptive and intelligent interface to people and information in remote places.”  

The new hire’s first job should be to come up with a better way to describe the company’s mission.  I’m pretty sure no one is champing at the bit to change how they interact with the telephone.  The company’s target market is small to mid size businesses.  I might conjecture that their prospects wish to get better organized, improve customer service, collaborate more efficiently with co-workers, cut costs, etc.  Companies succeed by helping their customers; changing customer behavior is a by-product and frequently a hurdle to be overcome – not an end in itself.


One Response to Ask not what your customers can do for you

  1. Chris Hoskin says:

    Great Stuff.

    There is enough buzz words in there for a line, if not a full house.

    Chris @

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