Oooh, a new word!

Twice in the last month I’ve come across “deracinated” a word I’m not familiar with.  First, in Middlesex, the terrific novel by Jeffrey Eugenides.  Yesterday in Roy Blount’s fabulous book Long Time Leaving:  Dispatches from Up South.  As a birth-Southerner myself, I love Roy’s writing.  He pretty much nails it.  Anyway, back to “deracinated”.  I have an above average vocabulary so I don’t come across unknown words in popular books all that often.  I noticed this one both times and after seeing it the second time, decided to look it up. 

Drum roll please! 

Deracinate. (1) To pull out by the roots; uproot.  (2) To displace from one’s native or accustomed environment.  (courtesy American Heritage Dictionary)


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