Too personal?

After just a month of blogging, I’ve realized how gray the line is between professional and personal.  I’ve always been appalled at the amount of personal information that people share on MySpace or other social sites. Yet two of my recent posts were written during and about my trip from Seattle to Atlanta.  Anyone online could have figured out that I was out of town.  It feels a little like putting a note on my front door saying “Burglarize me”.  Some great bloggers, including Fred Wilson and Brad Feld, regularly mix personal and professional content in their blogs.  I’m not going to go that route but now believe that any authentic blog will inevitably blur the distinction.


One Response to Too personal?

  1. Brad Feld says:

    Wait until you start Twittering or a site like Dopplr allows you to make your real time location public! Tyco’s burglar alarm / security business might see a nice uplift.

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