Blogging is a little like exercise

Once I get into the exercise habit, I actually start to enjoy exercising.  At first, I have to make myself do it but after awhile I look forward to it and hate it if I miss a day.  But when I stop for any reason – I’m working really hard or get sick – then I have a very hard time getting started again. 

The same appears to be true for posting to this blog.  For years I said I would never blog; that I didn’t have enough ideas to populate a blog regularly.  And the first few posts were difficult but once I got the hang of it, it seemed like everything in my daily life had blog potential  Then a couple of weeks ago I became very busy and stopped posting. I wrote five posts between August 1 and August 5, but since then I’ve written one brief post on August 15 (and Martin Eberhard did the hard work for me). 

So, I’m adopting the same strategy I do when I need to start exercising again.  Just do something!  Anything!  The initial effort doesn’t have to be that big.  Just start.  So here it is.


One Response to Blogging is a little like exercise

  1. Paul Gross says:

    Do you accept comments? Are you getting your exercise???

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